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10 Hairstyles for Little Girls With Naturally Curly Hair

It is so much fun having a little girl with curly hair! My daughter is four now and while her locks in their natural state are about shoulder length, stretched out her curls fall down her back. That means that I can no longer get away with not doing her hair daily unless it’s in a protective style. Even if it looks okay, it tangles and that just makes it worse for everyone involved when it comes time to do it again. So, I’ve been on the hunt for simple curly hairstyles for little girls with naturally curly hair that look cute and will hold up for at least a day or two (if I’m lucky).
Space Buns

One of our personal go-to hairstyles is space buns. They look super-adorable, are easy to throw up and the next day you can turn them into pigtails in a matter of seconds. It’s a pretty classic hairstyle that you can create a few different variations on. Sometimes we do them like two tight ballerina buns, other times we do them looser with the curly ends out and of course, you can even add cute accessories like bows, clips and fun scrunchies to add a bit of style.
Braided Low Pony

We love, love, love this style of braids across the entire head that gather into a low, curly ponytail. It’s perfect for active days when your daughter has a sports practice, gym class or even a planned playdate at the playground. It keeps the bulk of the hair nice and neat and completely tangle-free all day long, so that you can either quickly refresh just the pony portion the next day or undo the braids to create a looser curly style the next day.
Chunky Twists

These gorgeous chunky twists that have been sectioned off into individual ponytails are so gorgeous and the perfect style to keep long, thick curls protected and free of tangles. They look so fun and still let little girls have the feeling of loose hair without any of the hassle for mom. Depending on hair texture and products used, you might even get a couple of days out of this style with minimal touch up work, then once you take the twists out, you’ll have a completely new look with looser curls to work with.
Braided Puffs

This style of braided ponytails with puffs at the end give the feel of adorable afro puffs, but they are a bit more protective since the bulk of the hair is tied up in neat braids that won’t tangle. The cute puffs at the ends are the only part you’ll have to detangle the next day. Just be sure to moisturized the hair — especially those ends — really well so that they don’t end up looking frizzy and out of control before the day’s end.
Three Puffs and a ZigZag Part

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Curls & more curls 😍💖

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If your little one is younger or has shorter curls, this style of three puffs separated by a zigzag part in the front looks like you’ve put a little bit of effort in. It has some style and flare but it’s super-easy to do and won’t take so long that your child will get overly impatient and cranky. Jazz it up with different bows, clips and barrettes and you’re good to go. We love how this style really shows off those curls.
High Pony

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Healthy curly hair makes a classic high pony look absolutely gorgeous and put together even though it takes less than a minute to pull off. It’s the perfect style for those mornings when no one is cooperating and your running late getting out of the house. Spritz the hair all over with some plain water, add lots of your favorite moisturizing product, smooth down the top and back and gather all of the curls on the very top of the head, fluff and go. Bonus points if you have a few seconds to lay down the edges.Curly Fro-Hawk

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|| FROHAWK FEELS || ft @hairpaintwax . . . We created a fun red & blue frohawk over the weekend… this was all Amaiya’s choice the style the colour combo & I’m all here for it! Do you baby girl ❤️ . What colours would you like to see next in Amaiya’s hair?! . . #natural #naturalhaircommunity #naturalhairstyles #twists #twostrandtwist #curlsaunaturel #curlcrush #curls #curlsandbraids #curlyhair #cachos #browngirlshair #kinkychicks #kinkiliciouskids #healthynaturalhair #curlscurlscurls #protectivestyles #natural #berrycurly #respectmyhair #kinkyhair #curlykidshaircare #blessedwithcurls #curlkids #curlygirl #treasuretress #healthyhair #naturalkids #curlynaturalhair

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A full head of thick, curly hair is perfect for creating an impressive fro-hawk without a lot of effort. The more hair the better! Just part the hair into three vertical sections, smooth each section into a ponytail down the length of your daughter’s head. Finish the style by teasing and fluffing out the length of each ponytail to create a full, fro-hawk look so your little girl will get to feel like a rocker for the day.
Braided Half-Up/Half-Down

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We mostly save “out” hair days for special occasions and events because we want to avoid tangles and protect the hair as much as possible, but we absolutely love the look of a full head of cascading curls. However, my daughter always ends up feeling annoyed with the hair in her eyes and getting in her food. This style solves that problem by putting the front of the hair in two neat braids that are pulled back and held secured with a beautiful bow.
Out With a Front Braid

Another option for keeping curly hair out, but still out of the way is to box off the top section of hair and put it into a simple braid or chunky twist that keeps it out of the eyes. Remember to moisturize all of the hair really well to protect it from humidity, wind, etc., so that the style will stay relatively neat throughout the day and be less tangly when you it’s time do it again before bed or the next day.
Loose With Side Cornrows

We love this style that gives all the feels of loose, free hair, but has a little more personality thanks to one side of the hair being braided into two tiny cornrows. Not only do the braids look sweet, but they also help keep some of the hair off the face and for girls that have a lot of curly hair, it will also keep them feeling cooler and not so hot on warm days. It’s a great picture day style of elementary schoolers that won’t take too long to create in the morning.

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