10 Reasons Why Selena Quintanilla Still Inspires Us Today

Before the Bad Bunnies and the “despacitos,” there was Selena (not Gomez). We were introduced to Selena Quintanilla in the ’90s and ever since then we’ve been obsessed.

Not only was she one of the hottest Mexican American singers on the planet, but if social media was a thing back then, she would have been one of the top influencers today. While we are all sad that Selena Quintanilla is no longer physically here with us, she still has a strong presence in pop culture.

Whether or not you’re a Selena Quintanilla fan doesn’t really matter, because she is more than just a singer, she’s a lifestyle.

Here are 10 reasons how Selena Quintanilla is still rocking our world today. 




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