11 Indigenous Latina Heroines You Should Know

Bartolina Sisa

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#internationalindigenouswomensday On September 5th, the anniversary of Bartolina Sisa's death, we celebrate International Indigenous Women's Day. .. Watch Hidden Figuras: Bartolina Sisa on BESE ( @bese ) ———— One of the best things we can do to support indigenous peoples is to educate ourselves on the history of abuse that colonialism and imperialism has wrought upon them, and to be extremely aware of the ways those abuses are still being inflicted to this very day, all over the world. Without understanding, we can’t have proactive compassion. Sympathy is not enough. It’s time to #decolonizeyourmind The next best way we can support indigenous people is to lend our time, voices, and dollars to organizations like @survivalinternational Which bravely protects the rights of uncontacted indigenous tribes. My heart is with indigenous women today, who have suffered greatly. My heart is with those mothers and grandmothers who have so much to teach and to share. Whose life ways are endangered. Please take a moment today, #indigenouswomensday to do something meaningful for our native sisters, whatever that means to you, even if it’s just reading an article and saying a prayer 🙏🏽 #blessbartolinasisa #andallheroineslikeher #sayhername #bartolinasisa

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Aymara Bertolina Sisa is considered an indigenous heroine. The Bolivia native, along with husband Tupac Katari, and sister-in-law Gregoria Apaza, rose up against the Spanish in 1781. Sisa was executed on September 5, 1872; September 5 is now considered International Indigenous Women’s Day, in her honor.

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