12 Of Our Favorite Latina Owned Shops
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12 Of Our Favorite Latina Owned Shops Right Now

Supporting Latino owned businesses is high on most of our priority lists these days so one of my favorite past times is taking the time to look through and discover the products and items I never knew I needed in my life. New shops and products that cater to the Latino community are popping up everyday so if you need a new hat, a pin, a patch, or sour gummy bears covered in chile we’ve got you covered with these super fun shops you can follow and support on IG.

12 Of Our Favorite Latina Owned Shops

Viva La Bonita

Whether you’re a “Rose Breaking Through the Concrete” or “Allergic to Pendejadas,” Viva La Bonita has all the tops and phone cases that allow you to tell the world how you really feel.

Shop Mexico En La Piel

Hand made clutches and hand bags! These are a great way to rep the motherland while looking stylish and oh so fly. They come in a bunch of different colors and fringes.

Very That

Time to pull out your trapper keeper because Very That has got stickers galore! They also have cute totes and tees, but like SO MANY stickers!

Mary Jane Girls Club

Are you a cute Mary Jane enthusiast tired of all of the not so cute accessories? Worry no more! Mary Jane Girls club has got you fully covered with bejeweled bongs, yummy flavored rolling papers, and golden joint clips.


This shop sells pretty much everything. And when I say everything I mean they’ve got different types of mole, enamel pins, cook books, Selena air fresheners, Frida totes, mugs and much more!

So Sweet Candy Buffets

All hail the chile gummy queen! It’s sour gummies with chile and from what I’ve heard they’re super yummy and addicting.

Hot Sundae

“In fair Verona where we lay our scene, where civil blood make civil hands unclean.” If you were a 90’s kid like me there is a 98% chance that you were obsessed with Romeo & Juliet… and Leo. *heart eyes emoji* If these pins inspired by the film don’t steal your heart I don’t know what to tell you.

The Hermosa Co.

Who doesn’t love a good pin? I know I do. Get your jean jackets, purses and backpacks ready because they’ve got so many great patches as well as sugar skull pins con nopale en la frente and “grosera” pins in a throwback Goosbumps font that are to die for!

Galaxy Vibrations

Did you know mercury retrograde? — again! In these trying times Galaxy Vibrations could help your alignment with their crystal healing powers. They’ve got earrings, carved crystal pendants, bracelets and much more.


I’ve recently gotten into essential oils as a replacement for lotion, especially in the dry months. The pinkness.co oils says it makes you forever flawless and the reviews back it up so it’s kind of a no brainer.


I’m always on the lookout for things that say chingona on them for obvious reasons. These little pins are adorbs they also have concha heart stickers and beaded flower earrings that are the perfect way to accessorize your life.

Dream Heaux Apparel

Let’s face it, you’re probably someones dream heaux so you might as well have the gear to match! This shop has cute pins, patches, tees and sweatshirts — all of the trappings for the heaux on the go.



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