13 Notable Asian-Latinxs You Should Know


Photo: @tatyanaali/Instagram

Asian Latinos are Latinos who were born in Latin America are of Asian descent. But you can also be considered an Asian Latino if your ancestors are both of Latin American and Asian descent. Approximately 4.5 million Asian-Latinxs currently live in Latin America, making up nearly 1% of the population. The majority of these Latinos are of Chinese and/or Japanese descent; others are Filipino, Indian, Korean, and more. Brazil and Peru have some of the largest Asian Latino populations in all of Latin America, numbering over 1.5 million people each.

In 2010, in the United States, 209,128 people identified themselves as Asian and Latino/Hispanic,  101,654 of Mexican descent. Asian-Latinos are a part of Latinx identity and culture. But why don’t we see them more represented (or represented at all) in Latinx media? That’s a problem we’re looking to address. Here are 13 notable Asian-Latinos, a lot of whom you may already know, but some whose Asian heritage may come as a surprise.




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