20 Latina Superheroes You Never Knew You Were Rooting For

1. Green Fury/Green Flame/Fire (Beatriz da Costa/Beatriz Bonilla da Costa) 1979

Beatriz da Costa was originally the president of the Brazilian branch of Wayne Enterprises and got her powers due to Brazilian mysticism. Her abilities included the power to exhale mystical green fire, fly, project hallucinations and alter her clothing at will. She was originally a part of the Super Friends but eventually her history was altered and she was renamed Beatriz Bonilla da Costa. She started as an amateur model on the beaches of Rio and a showgirl eventually finding herself as an agent for the Brazilian government. She assumed the identity of the Green Fury, and then soon changed it again to Green Flame. She joined the international superhero team the Global Guardians, and eventually, changed her heroic name again, this time to Fire. Her appearances in the “Justice League Unlimited” and “Batman: Brave and the Bold” cartoons have also introduced her to a broader audience. She became a glamorous superhero, but Fire’s violent past, love for danger and exhibitionist character make her a complex, interesting presence in Justice League history.

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