25 DIY Cleaners and Disinfectants You Can Make at Home

Chances are, you are reading this from home, adjusting to suddenly shifting your work and personal life to your home base. We are all in this together, and are sharing as much information as possible to make this temporary transition a smooth and stress-free one as possible, and rather an opportunity to be resourceful and try new and fun things.

We are being encouraged to clean and disinfect household surfaces on the daily, and of course, want to tidy up more now that we are at home more. Cleaning for many is a healthy distraction, almost meditative, and leaves us with a sense of calm and accomplishment. Since certain cleaning supplies are harder or impossible to find in stores now and we are staying at home for everything except buying food and medicine (and because we always want to shift to natural options as much as possible) we are sharing several DIY natural homemade home cleaners and disinfectants that you can make in your abode. Just make sure what you’re using is safe for yourself, kids, abuelos, and your pets!




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