3 Cuban Films to Inspire Your Trip to Cuba

The Cuban film industry has become one of the most prolific industries in Cuba and has grown in popularity around the world. The change from a political communication tool to a platform for Cuban expression has profoundly shaped the industry.

In the beginning of the revolution, the Castro regime used film as a propaganda tool to communicate with the masses about government policies and motivate Cubans to join in on the revolutionary process. However, the film industry eventually gained a semi-autonomous, non-governmental existence, helping it flourish as an uncut form of expression about socioeconomic reality and daily life in Cuba.

Here are three movies by Cuban directors that will leave you a fan of Cuba and Cuban film:

Conducta (Behavior)

HiLatina Conducta Film

  1. 108 minutes.

Director Ernesto Daranas Serrano from Havana

A drama based in Havana. An aging and dedicated teacher, Carmela, fights for one of her students, eleven-year-old Chala, who is threatened to be sent to a re-education center because of his behavior. Carmela, however, understands Chala’s family issues dealing with an addict mom and an absent father. The film cohesively expresses the socioeconomic reality of Cubans and how it affects the next generation.

Watch the trailer here. Buy on Amazon here.




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