4 Books That Changed My Life (And May Change Yours, Too)

Books have always played a critical role in my life. Reading has taught me to think more shrewdly, while at the same time allowing my imagination to soar. I make more informed decisions because I read; I feel more deeply connected to my culture because I read; I can describe the world I see in clearer terms, and approach setting and attaining my goals with more confidence and much more context because I read. These four books have helped me develop in myriad ways, both shaping my identity and elucidating it. I hope they will help you similarly.

Latino Boom

Latino Boom

Latino Boom: An Anthology of U.S. Latino Literature

I first encountered this book in a Latino Literature in English class in college. Reading the poetry of Pedro Pietri, such as the well known, Puerto Rican Obituary, I heard voices I could relate to and connect with. I was finally reading narratives that told part of my story, contrary to the books I read in high school, which all seemed to tell stories of people a world away. This book was the beginning of finding my own voice in writing.

Latino Boom is a collection of fiction, poetry, drama, and essays from well known to emerging Latino writers.

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