4 Community-Oriented Day Tours in Guatemala

Guatemala borders four countries: Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras. It is one of seven Mesoamerican countries whose Mayan civilization flourished during the Classic Period between 250 CE to 900 CE. With Guatemala’s rich Mayan culture, the people have much knowledge and culture to offer—unfortunately they also face ongoing community issues. Here are four tours you can do to provide support to Guatemalan communities while learning about its culture.

Guatemala Family Village

Guatemala Family Village

Cook a Traditional Meal with a Guatemalan Family

This is a seriously unique tour experience. Learn to cook a traditional meal with a Guatemalan family and help with providing educational resources in the town of Santa Catarina Barahona, 35 minutes from Antigua, for five hours at the low cost of $15.

The town of Santa Catarina is the perfect place for a cooking class, since one of its two main economic drivers is agriculture, including lots of locally grown fruits and veggies. This area’s prominent agricultural products are legumes, vegetable, coffee, avocado, peach, flowers, lemon, orange and loquat, potatoes, pigweed, chipilín (a kind of legume), corn and beans.
By doing this tour, you will be supporting Small Change 4 Big Change, a nonprofit organization that works with families and communities to provide sustainable educational resources. The tour includes cooking traditional recipes with community members while learning about Guatemalan cuisine and sharing the meal with them in a rural setting.




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