Latina Food bloggers
Photo: Instagram/@the.little.gray.house

4 Latina Food Bloggers to Follow on Your Healthy Journey

In a time where we are working on living healthier, more sustainable lives what better way to live the healthiest life as deliciously (and simply) as possible then by following a Latina food guru? Below are four Latina food bloggers that will inspire you to live your healthiest life yet. Their websites are easy to follow and their recipes will make your stomach happy. 

MOMables, Laura Fuentes 

This website is so easy (and fun) to navigate! Start in the upper right hand corner by hitting the “First Time Here” button to get started. The top of the website has you pick from three categories: Meal Plans, Picky Eaters, and Recipe Index. Laura’s recipe index is further categorized by the type of meal and diet preference. So simple. What else can you really ask for? Make sure you sign up for the newsletter to receive new recipes and updates!

Rican Vegan, Desiree Rodriguez 

Desiree’s blog is authentic. Her inspiration comes from maintaining a healthy lifestyle for herself by following a plant-based diet. Her website provides all the information and support you need to transition to a plant-based diet or if you already follow a plant-based diet you can find new inspiration and recipes for a healthy life! Desiree even provides a six-week plan to help you start a plant-based diet if that is what you are ready to do.

The Healthy Latina, Michelle Rivas 

What I love about Michelle’s website is that right upfront she tells you she is living a healthy lifestyle without losing her Latin culture and roots. Her blog focuses on health, nutrition, disease prevention, family, and life as a Latina living in Chicago trying to find balance. The website not only offers lifestyle tips and recipes, but also provides information on working out. Michelle stands out because she has master’s degree in Health Communication from DePaul University, which makes her an expert in the field.

Muy Delish, Ana 

Ana’s website is aesthetically pleasing and provides readers with some pretty delicious recipes. Her recipes are very traditional in nature, yet have her own twist to them. Reading Ana’s blog is like reading a curated coffee table book of delicious and nutritious recipes! I like to visit her website on evenings when I need some dinner inspiration! 

Whatever your motivation is to live a healthy lifestyle, there are many tools at your fingertips to help you be successful. You do not need to compromise your cultural heritage in order to live the life you want! These food blogging Latinas can not only help you get started but will support you in your success!