Best Friends HipLatina
Best Friends HipLatina

4 Simple Ways to Show People You Care

The theme for the month of December is coming together, and in this climate of divisiveness in our country it may be more important than ever right now. Today we want to share some ways to show your family and your closest friends just how much they mean to you.

Write Them a Letter or Postcard

One of my best friends does this regularly, and it’s a joy and a surprise every time a new card comes. Writing a note by hand is a way of saying this was a moment in time that I wanted to share with you. It’s hard not to get the feels when you’re reading something even as a simple as a hello, I want us to go here together some day. 

Pick Up the Phone and Call Them

Call Mom HipLatina
Call Mom

This is so rare, now that we live in the age of texting. And don’t get me wrong, texting is great—but I’d venture to say that the art of having a good phone conversation is nearly a lost one. We all get incredibly busy, and texting is so much more convenient, but again I’m always so pleasantly surprised to get a phone call from a friend unexpectedly. It’s like seeing their name pop up on that tiny little screen reminds you how much you’ve missed hearing their voice.

Give Them a Thoughtful Gift Just Because

My aunt is the queen of this. She just picks something up, simply because it reminded her of me. Which is such a lovely feeling. It says, “hey, I pay attention to you and the small things that make you happy.” It’s never anything big—sometimes it’s just a bag of chocolate. Sometimes I think it’s nicer than the grand gesture, because again the little things (that come without strings) are the ones that take us by surprise.  

Listen, Just Listen

Showing you care HIpLatina
Showing you care

It’s been said a hundred times, but sometimes listening is really all we need from one another. Someone to listen to us, to really listen to the madness that’s jumbling through our heads. Sometimes we think it takes a lot to show we care, but often a willingness to listen to the other person’s worries, however, mundane they may seem, that reminds our friends that we’re there and that they can count on us.

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