5 Friends Every Woman Needs in Her 20s

Friendship is an essential part of human existence. Did you know that studies find that strength of friendships in one’s life indicates lifespan better than factors like genetics?

At twenty-five (and a half…yikes), I think I can firmly say that the twenties are sort of an insane time where your life is constantly in transition, you’re relentlessly in existential crisis, and you’re right in the middle of your second puberty (look it up, it’s a thing). You’re never quite sure you’re doing the right things in life, you sure as hell don’t have your finances together, and your love life is an absolute disaster (or is that just me?)

So how do we keep it together in this mad, mad world?

We rely on the family that we create. And while there are many types of people we need in our lives at any given time, I’m going to attempt to boil the twenties to five friends that we as women all need to sail through the sea of twenties mania.

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