5 Friends Every Woman Needs in Her 40s


Girlfriends - Every Woman Needs

Girlfriends – Every Woman Needs

If your twenties are your time to experiment and spread your wings, and your thirties are the years where you chart a career course or start building a nest, your forties are where you steady that course or renovate that nest. You’re smarter (you hope), more experienced, and more settled in your life.

Here are some of the friends who enrich life in your forties no matter what your forties look like.

Gal Pal

Even in your wise old forties, you still need a fun friend, especially if you’re oh so serious about your family life and career. Your idea of “getting into trouble” in your forties can be as small as that extra glass of wine or leaving the laundry to have brunch at an expensive restaurant. If you’re in your twenties, don’t laugh—it’s true!

Your Gal Pal encourages you to splurge and to forget for a moment the pressures you’re under. She may still be single or is newly single with no kids so her responsibilities are different than yours. Hanging out with her is an indulgence and an escape, but it can only go so far. That hangover from the other night reminds you that you’re not as resilient as you used to be. Your Gal Pal respects you and your limits but will push you out of your comfort zone when you really need it.




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