5 Items Travel Pros Pack: Curious What’s on the List?

Olga Maria

Olga Maria is a travel and lifestyle influencer with two postal addresses, one in Berlin, Germany and the other in NYC, but she considers herself a digital nomad since she works from her laptop and she’s always traveling around the world. She’s the founder of Dreamsinheels.com, and of the community Latinaswhotravel.com, and her mission is to inspire others to live to the maximum and to find adventure (regardless if it’s internationally or just around their own neighborhood).

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  1. As I document everything on video for my YouTube channel, Dreams in Heels TV, and also for Hiplatina Travel, I cannot travel without my Sony alpha 6000 mirrorless camera, a foldable tripod, a microphone, extra batteries, my external hard drive, MacBook Air and my three portable chargers. I need lots of space and juice since I’m documenting my journey through social media, editing photos on Lightroom to upload to my Instagram @dreamsinheels and saving lots of footage (video takes lots of space, but it’s worth it!)
  2. I need to bring a neck pillow, an eye mask and a blanket with me on the road. This helps me sleep more comfortably so that I can look my best in pictures and on video
  3. I always bring a big foldable tote in case my luggage is overweight, or I need to carry anything extra I bought at the last minute
  4. Several pair of sunglasses to complete my looks, a clutch in case I go out somewhere fancy, a few scarfs to accessorize outfits and in case it gets cold, my Lo & Sons Claremont stylish camera bag, sunscreen, a make up bag with many essentials, a swimsuit, even if it’s winter, you can use it at an inside pool, sauna, spa, etc. And of course several pair of high heels, but especially one pair in black that matches multiple outfits
  5. A sewing kit and invisible tape for my fashion needs plus any wardrobe emergencies and a small first-aid kit in my purse because I run around a lot
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