5 Latin American and Caribbean Films to Inspire Your Travels

Una Noche Film. Image from IndieWire.com

There are many books, images, and stories about travel but one of the ways travel comes to life three-dimensionally is through film. Traveling first-hand can never be replaced, of course, but if you need inspiration, are nostalgic about your travels, or just want to see an adventurous movie, here are the five Latino travel films I recommend!

Cinema, Aspirins, and Vultures

Cinema, Aspirins, and Vultures

Brazil, 2005. 99 minutes

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What is it about: Set in 1942 during WWII, Johann, an aspirin salesman from Germany who drives to small villages in his truck selling aspirins meets Randolph, a Brazilian from the countryside who plans to go to Rio de Janeiro to start a new life. Johann, who is avoiding the German draft, and Randolph, who wants to escape the drought, are both trying to flee from their own realities building a strong bond en route.

Why it will inspire you: Not only does the film show how the characters deal with each other’s culture differences and biases, but also their tolerance for one another, an important skill to have as a traveler (and if you don’t have it before you leave, you’ll certainly need to acquire it when traveling). The film ties in the current events of the war and its consequences on the traveler.

Where to watch: See trailer; Buy here




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