5 Latino Musicians to Watch in 2017

Becky G

Latest single: “Sola”

Hails From: California

“Becky G is making big waves in the reggaeton scene—owning a genre that is primarily dominated by men. In “Sola,” one of her edgiest songs yet, the words “Mejor Sola que Mal Acompañada” scroll across the screen at the beginning of the video: “Better Alone than with Someone Shitty.” That may be a bit of a liberal translation, but she makes it clear that while at only 19 she may not yet be a #nastywoman, she’s certainly an #independentwoman amongst her male counterparts. Becky already has her own Spotify channel, where she talks about her musical influences, the #Spanglishlife, and gives advice for other young girls wanting to break into the music industry. I highly recommend rocking out to her bad-ass lyrics to ditch any holiday blues you may be feeling during the season. And she’s quickly gaining popularity—she took home the Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist Award over longtime favorites Shakira and Gloria Trevi.”  Read More.

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