5-Minute Workouts That Will Tone Your Whole Body

Summertime (a.k.a bikini season) is just a few weeks away and yet you haven’t squeezed in a trip to the gym in weeks. While we believe every body is a bikini body, we know the feeling a good workout can give you to clear your mental space and help you feel refreshed. If you’ve been short on workout time, don’t be too hard on yourself about it. The good news is, you can still burn some calories with just five minutes of high intensity full body training. Yes, it’s possible!

We rounded up a few YouTube fitness workouts that concentrate on specific body parts. Try one the next time you have five minutes free or merge all of them together for a 25 minute total body sweat sesh.

Get that flat belly by summer. If you’re not getting results from crunches, you might want to try these standing ab exercises instead. This five minute intense workout consists of six different moves that involve everything from kicking, squatting, twisting, and running in place to give you that flat and strong mid-section you’ve been dreaming of. Did I mention these are fun too?




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