5 of the Best #Videos on Latino-Caribbean American life for #HHMA

Video has officially taken over! All the major social media platforms such as Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Facebook and now even Pinterest have some sort of video feature to dabble with. This means everyone is becoming amateur producers in their own right. And while there is a great amount of video catastrophes out there in the world wide web, there are just as many inspiring, funny, and well-thought-out videos to explore.

Some of the greatest short films being produced are from channels dedicated to the Latino-Caribbean American experience. Here are my list of 5 best videos from five different channels. Enjoy them this Hispanic Heritage Month:


When Hispanic Parents Complain about you not doing anything

Puerto Rican/Dominican comedian Lejuan James became an internet sensation by first using Vine to create funny skits where he acted out accurate portrayals of the Hispanic community and its culture, becoming a voice of Hispanics from around the world.

leejuan - 5 Best Videos

5 of the Best #Videos on Latino-Caribbean American life for #HHMA

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