5 Reasons Aloe Vera Is Amazing for Health & Beauty

I was pretty ready for last Saturday’s Bumble date, but there was just one problem: a few days before I had skipped work and spent a little too long at the beach. The sunburn along my bikini line looked like a chemistry experiment gone wrong. I needed to make sure that if my dress was going to come off at the end of the night, my skin would be ready. Thanks to aloe vera, date number three is next weekend! Here are five ways aloe vera helped turn my daily beauty routine around.

Kicking that Sunburn

When it comes to the sun, prevention is always best. But it’s been a hot summer, and if you ended up with sunburn at some point (like I did), use aloe vera gel to calm and cool your irritated skin. Aloe vera’s moisturizing properties will also help to prevent the skin from peeling the next day. Keep your aloe vera product in the fridge to step up its cooling effect.

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