5 Super Easy Hacks for Dealing with Puffy Eyes

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With my recent uptick in business trips for work, and wedding season at its height, I’ve found myself dealing with something I haven’t had before: puffy eyes! Gone are the college days where I could down margarita after margarita, squeeze in a two hour nap before work, and be ready with fresh eyes the next day #dirtythirty. Since those carefree days are behind me, here are ways I’ve learned to deal with puffy eyes. And if dark circles are a problem area for you (they are for me!), here are some helpful tips to quickly eliminate the unsightly circles.

Now, time to de-puff…

Spoon PUffyApply something cold to the eye area

If you keep a washcloth or a tube of your favorite eye cream in the refrigerator, you’ve got an instant eye de-puffer. Anything icy and cold will reduce puffiness and invigorate your skin. You can also run two metal spoons under cold running water for a minute or two if you don’t have something else ready.

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