5 TED Talks by Latinas You Can Watch Right Now

From our archives.

Maybe you’re at the office trying to fight that midday energy slump during a 30-minute lunch break, or you’d like to wind down after a long, hard day. You want something to calm your mind, but enough intrigue to reset the brain’s focus and get those neurons bouncing again.

If you don’t have a Netflix account or would rather not commit to watching an entire episode of anything, TED talks can be a perfect solution. They’re snappy, interesting, and available wherever there’s Internet. As a bonus, they’re informative, so you can be sort of lazy and productive at the same time! Here are five brief talks to wake up your brain, but not too much:

 Pia Mancini was tired of the same old political parties in Argentina, so she started her own. Seeing how cut off citizens were from the legislative process, Mancini and her team sought to bring life back to the voice of the people: they created an open-source mobile platform called Democracy OS. In conjunction with the platform’s launch, Mancini helped found Partido de la Red—a party committed to democracy in the truest sense.




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