5 #Women2Watch Wednesday from HipLatina

Today we are inspired truly by women2watch. We have put together a list women who are creating, storytelling, and making a difference for girls and women everywhere. We hope the selected articles will inspire you, your daughters, and other women, young and old.

The first article on the list is about a pair of  teen girls, who shared similar angst about their menstrual cycle. Andrea Gonzales, 16, and Sophie Houser, 17, met at a Girls Who Code summer program in 2014. The free 7-week immersion program for 10th-11th-grade girls to learn 
coding and get exposure to tech jobs. For their final project, they created and developed a feminist video game called Tampon Run. Last year they participated in a TEDx talk, sharing the need and opportunity for more women in the tech world.

Sofia & Andy have been featured on multiple online sites like amysmartgirls.com and finalists at the 2014 Stanford Hackathon. The girls are attending Brown University and the University of North Carolina, both studying computer science. They have co-authored Girl Code: GamingGoing Viral, and Getting it Done, sharing their stories and experiences through the processThe book is set to be released in spring 2017.




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