A 5-Year-Old Dominican Girl’s Version of J.Lo’s “El Anillo” Went Viral and It’s SO Cute!

We haven’t been able to stop talking about Jennifer Lopez’s “El Anillo” music video. Between the lyrics that some believe allude to J.Lo hinting out to boyfriend Alex Rodriguez to finally propose and the fabulous fashion — we’re all for it. But 5-year-old Yureidis Alexandra Gerónimo did her own version of the song and it’s not just adorable — it’s pretty genius. She used the lyrics to asks for birthday gifts! Seriously, how cute is that?

So instead of singing the catchy chorus: “¿Y el anillo pa’ cuándo?” The young Dominicana starts singing “¿Y mi regalo pa’ cuándo?” She even starts doing this cute little girl boss dance that we could NOT handle — so adorable!

Apparently J.Lo was a fan of the video herself because she shared it on her own Instagram feed. This video not only went viral but it even caught the attention of Telemundo, who eventually interviewed Yureidis about it.

According to Yureidis’ mom, the young girl had heard the song and it stuck with her. She came home from school one day singing it and then the next day it was her birthday. She noticed that her mom didn’t make her breakfast or give her gifts and then started singing the song to her: “Mami, ¿Y mi regalo pa’ cuándo?”

The family recorded her singing the song and posted the video to Instagram. But they were shocked when they saw J.Lo reposted it to her own Instagram account.

Yureidis even sent a message exclusively from Telemundo to Lopez: Bueno, ¿Y mi regalo pa’ cuándo?” This kid really is the cutest. 

We hope that made your Monday the way it definitely made ours! Check out the full Telemundo interview below!




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