6 Benefits of Being Bilingual

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6 Benefits of Being Bilingual

Over half the world’s population, and 62 Percent of U.S. Latinos are bilingual, according to Pew Research Center’s 2013 National Survey of Latinos. Are you among them? If not, you might want to consider learning a new language this year. Bilingual people have a number of advantages over monolinguals, including more efficient brains, better job prospects, and more cultural sophistication. Here are six of the biggest reasons to start learning another language today:

Being bilingual makes your brain nimble. Switching between two languages trains your mind to multitask efficiently and improves your ability to recall information. Due to the ability to think fast and switch between mental tasks, bilingual people have better problem-solving and planning skills than monolinguals do. Knowing a second language can also keep your brain healthy into old age. Compared to people who speak only one language, bilingual people have lower rates of early-onset dementia and Alzheimer’s.




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