6 Latino Channels to Follow Online: Social Media and Beyond

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After writing about the 5 Best Videos on the Latino-Caribbean American experience, my mind registered how many Latino online channels exist to represent the millennial Latinx community that are so often underrepresented or misrepresented. These 6 channels portray us responsibly, efficiently, and consistently.

Lejuan James

lejuan james video

Puerto Rican/Dominican comedian, Lejuan James became an internet sensation by first using Vine in its early days to create funny skits where he acted out accurate portrayals about the Hispanic community and its culture, becoming the voice of all Hispanics in the world. Now with over 2.1 million likes on Facebook, 1.4 million followers are Instagram and 63.7K on Twitter, he has inadvertently created a channel all his own.

NPR’s Latino USA

NPR Latino USA

Photo Credit Mario Villafuerta/Getty

Founded in 2010 by award-winning journalist and host, Maria Hinojosa. Latino USA part of National Public Radio and produced by Futuro Media, tells stories usually not covered by mainstream media through podcasts. Every week, Hinojosa talks about a different topic according to what is happening in current news as well as interviews Latinos who are making a difference. Recent podcasts are: A Latino History of Hip Hop, Part I and II. Listen here.




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