6 Low Key Garden Ideas Perfect for Holiday Downtime

The holiday season is a time that I try to intentionally reduce my work rate, especially in the yard and garden, to focus on rest and reflection. I devote a little more to recharging my battery in anticipation of the new year. If during your downtime you want to be productive without draining your energy, here are six proactive suggestions that can be implemented at a leisurely pace:

Planning Your Garden HipLatina

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Plan your garden. Organize your ideas about what you would like to plant in the yard. Look for inspiration from the interwebs, magazines, books, and in the gardens of neighbors and parks. Take advantage of Pinterest and create project boards. If you are already planting, analyze which crops worked and what others should begin to weed. Take a quick inventory of what you have, and make a list of what you need to get.

Investigate and research. With your list in hand, take advantage of offers or price reductions on gardening-related items. Visit garden centers, because at the end of the year some stores reduce the price on many items to move the inventory and make room for spring merchandise. You can also look for plant exchanges that may be active in your neighborhood. This is a good time to participate in this unique take on gift exchange.


Seedlings HipLatina


Prepare seedlings. Experiment with new seeds or plant new varieties of crops. Plants such as basil and lettuce have to be planted often to always have supplies for consumption.

Clean and organize. During the process of recharging and taking inventory in your home and yard, take the opportunity to give a brush and soap to your pots and tools. Rinsing in just water allows some diseases or pests flourish. Check the status of your tools: treat your metal tools with oil, including your scissors. This will keep them in good working order, reducing risk of injury while increasing efficiency.

Get plenty of rest. If we pay attention to nature’s cycles in our own activities, we can observe that times of high activities are followed by periods of rest to recharge energies. This paves the way for new ideas to flow. Sufficient rest is required to operate at a high level.

Winter Hiking HipLatina

Winter Hiking

Get outside for inspiration: During this holiday season, I recommend you get out in nature and visit public parks and gardens. These settings, and this period of downtime, provide fertile ground to set positive intentions for 2017.

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