7 Latina Digital Nomads You Need To Know About


Name: Lola Méndez

Socials: @MissFilatelista on IG, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest

Website:  www.missfilatelista.com

Occupation: Travel and Lifestyle Writer

What motivates you to work and travel the world?

“I feel so fortunate to have been able to create a career for myself as a travel writer. My favorite stories to tell are those that elevate local voices and share unique bits of culture with the world. Around the globe, there are so many cultures that are fading away with time as the local community doesn’t have the resources to preserve their sacred history. For instance, my father’s family comes from the Charrúa tribe. Although his mother was raised by a Charrúa parent we know nothing about the culture, traditions, history, etc. It’s such a shame. I take this responsibility very seriously and am diligent about avoiding inputting my own ideas or conceptions about a place.

What keeps me motivated to keep exploring is quite simple. There’s so much out there that I don’t know about. There are so many incredible stories to uncover that the world deserves to know. The unknown is what encouraged me to begin my life as a digital nomad over three years ago and is what continues to propel me forward today.”

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