7 Steps To Starting a Clean Beauty Routine in 2019

For Cleaner Hair and Skin

SEEN Skin-Caring Shampoo and Conditioner ($29, $26)

All praises to the natural hair movement! Thanks to women deciding to “rock their rizos” and embrace their kinks, women of color have ditched chemical relaxers for much gentler and delicious smelling natural products. From coconut oil to apple cider vinegar rinses, we’ve officially got au naturale hair care on lock.

Still, some of us miss the luxury of beautifully packaged products lining our shower walls (because face it, apple cider vinegar and blocks of shea butter don’t always come in the most Instagrammable packages). Not to mention, we also miss the assuredness that all those oils and butters won’t break out the rest of our skin while conditioning our hair.

Enter brands like SEEN. SEEN is a luxury skin-caring hair care line, is designed by dermatologists so that when shampoo and conditioner start running down your face and body (which all shampoos and conditioners inevitably do on wash day), you won’t be left with impossibly clogged pores.

The non-comedogenic formulas are pretty much everything-free (including gluten-free, dye-free, and sulfate-free) and include shea butter for conditioning, chamomile for skin soothing, and plant sugar for protection and smoothing effects.

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