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7 Ways You Can Start Decolonizing Your Life

Photo: @decolonizethisplace/Instagram

When indigenous lands were colonized, the European colonizers set to replace the Native American’s beliefs and way of life with their own. We were then raised to believe that anything seen as indigenous is inferior and wrong. When colonizers kidnapped thousands of Africans and forced them to live and work under them in other areas, they taught everyone there that it was because they were inferior.

This is all wrong. We we are all equal but the destructive residue of that horrible past, which presents itself as current-day white supremacy, the patriarchy, machismo, government interests, and more, keep a lot of people dangerously ignorant. In an effort to get back to our indigenous roots; celebrate its people, knowledge, and gifts; and give it the honor and respect it deserves, here are seven ways you can start decolonizing your life.

Relearn History.

Remember, we were taught lies such as Columbus discovered America. As an adult, take it upon yourself to relearn the history and narratives of cultures that aren’t European and/or white. The education system (along with pretty much all systems) was set up to omit certain cultures, while glorifying others.

Reconsider your diet.

It’s obvious that the standard American diet is failing America. We are unhealthy, and our food is full of chemicals, genetically modified, and shouldn’t even be called food anymore. That’s why a lot of people are going back to what our ancestors ate. Things that grew from the ground and roamed the Earth ages ago.

Embrace Your Beauty.

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We have been brainwashed to think that European standards of beauty are the ultimate goal. Anything that differs from that—wide or hooked noses, full lips, curves, Afro-textured hair, monolid eyes, small eyes, dark hair, etc—is seen as less than beautiful, or not beautiful at all. Obviously, this is false. Embrace your unique beauty, knowing that God didn’t make any mistakes. Diversity is beautiful, and there are so many different ways to be gorgeous.

Revisit and Update Your Views.

Racism and prejudice isn’t inherent—it is taught. So it’s time to check yourself on outdated, incorrect, and harmful views you may have. Life is about evolution, and if you’re not constantly learning, updating your views on the world, and evolving—you should start.

Don’t Be Afraid of Spirituality.

When it comes to spirituality, remember that your beliefs are yours, and yours alone. Also, even if you do believe in a Christian-based faith, it doesn’t mean you can’t accept other roads to the same God. It’s about releasing the views that everything outside of structured religion, such as psychic gifts, saging, tarot, horoscopes, and crystals is evil or brujeria.

Embrace Feminism and Dismantle the Patriarchy and Machismo.

Many indigenous cultures have female leaders, and/or are matrilineal. Somehow, along the way, we were indocrinated with the falsehood that women are the inferior gender; that males are meant to run households, and the world; and that a woman’s place is solely in the home. Patriarchy was established to put men in positions of power, and keep women submissive. Machismo is colonial and we must dismantle both–it’s all about equality.

Reconnect with Nature and Help Save The Environment.

Before we became a polluting, Earth-destroying, self-interested culture, we cared about the Earth. We were connected to it, its spirit(s), and while it gave to us, we gave back. We respected it. Now, the environment is all kinds of messed up, and we only have ourselves to blame. Not only should we reconnect with the Earth for our own health and happiness, but we should take note of how the indigenous have been honoring, living off of, and giving back to the Earth, for thousands of years.

Oneness and Being Part of the Community.

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Indigenous cultures are all about family, and community. Their spirituality speaks of universal oneness—we are all connected. This includes being connected to animals, and the Earth. It would benefit us all if we stopped trying to do so much for self, and think about how our actions affect everyone as a whole. To give back to your community, and think of others first. To understand that were are all equal, and interconnected, so you might as well start dismantling those invisible shelves of “better than” or “less than” that you’ve placed yourself on.

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