7 Ways You Can Start Decolonizing Your Life

Photo: @decolonizethisplace/Instagram

When indigenous lands were colonized, the European colonizers set to replace the Native American’s beliefs and way of life with their own. We were then raised to believe that anything seen as indigenous is inferior and wrong. When colonizers kidnapped thousands of Africans and forced them to live and work under them in other areas, they taught everyone there that it was because they were inferior.

This is all wrong. We we are all equal but the destructive residue of that horrible past, which presents itself as current-day white supremacy, the patriarchy, machismo, government interests, and more, keep a lot of people dangerously ignorant. In an effort to get back to our indigenous roots; celebrate its people, knowledge, and gifts; and give it the honor and respect it deserves, here are seven ways you can start decolonizing your life.




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