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LATAM Asylum Seekers Flood Shelters as NYC Mayor Declares State of Emergency

Sofía Aguilar
Over the past few days, asylum seekers from all over Latin America have been facing difficult living conditions after they were recently bused  from Texas and other states to New York City and dropped off without clear instructions or assistance....
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U.S. Begins New Asylum Policy, Sends Central American Back To Mexico To Await Court Date

Araceli Cruz
The first asylum seeker from Central America has re-entered Mexico from the United States. A significant new change in the country’s asylum policy, which Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen first announced in December, has now gone into effect. Yesterday, one...
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Jeff Sessions Just Made It Harder For Domestic Violence Victims To Seek Asylum

Johanna Ferreira
If you thought the dark days were over—think again. The Trump administration is stilling going above and beyond to make things harder for marginalized groups—women and immigrants especially. In fact, a recent move by Attorney General, Jeff Sessions could reverse...

Digame: Dr. Lisette Sanchez is Destigmatizing First Gen Mental Health Struggles

Virginia Isaad
Digame is a monthly series featuring prominent Latinx leaders, activists, entrepreneurs, and public figures uplifting the community and making a difference. Dr. Lisette Sanchez is a bilingual/bicultural licensed psychologist and the founder of Calathea Wellness, a virtual practice providing individual therapy....
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Patricia Guerrero Could be California’s First Latina Supreme Court Chief Justice

Virginia Isaad
Patricia Guerrero made history earlier this year when she was the first Latina confirmed to the California Supreme Court and now she’s set to make history yet again. California Governor Gavin Newsom nominated Patricia Guerrero to be the state’s next...