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9 of Latin America’s Scariest Urban Legends and Folklore

Nicole Young
Halloween is usually all about costumes, pumpkins, and maybe a few scary movies. But if you are really looking for a scare, Latin American folklore is on a whole other level. There are some truly frightening stories that will give...
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Yuma Inarú Pouerie: A Fierce Drummer in the Male-Dominated La Bomba Puertorriqueña

Virginia Isaad
Dating back over 400 years to a time when enslaved persons were kidnapped from Africa  and brought to Borikén (as the Indigenous called Puerto Rico),  the vibrant folk tradition of Puerto Rican Bomba has always held a strong feminine presence....
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Dancer Moesha Perez is Competing in Lizzo’s Body Positive Dance Competition

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Moesha Perez, 24, has a bubbly personality that translates beautifully in her dancing which she’s been doing since she was 2 and the basis for her entry into reality television. The Bronx-born dancer is a competitor on Grammy-award-winning singer, Lizzo’s,...
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Gift Guide: Indigenous Lifestyle Brands You Need to Shop

Sofía Aguilar
Supporting Indigenous businesses should happen year-round, especially during Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season. Rather than purchasing products that might exploit Indigenous communities, it’s essential to shop from brands owned and operated by Indigenous artisans and entrepreneurs, #InspiredNative,...