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Selena Gomez to Produce Spanish-Language True Crime Series with Univision

Sofía Aguilar
Singer/actress Selena Gomez has accomplished so much and received many accolades this year including the release of her Spanish-language album Revelación, a Latin Grammy for her song “De Una Vez“, and her first-ever Grammy nomination. The 29-year-old, who previously produced the...
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Selena Gomez’s First Full-Length Spanish Album Will Drop in March

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
International pop star Selena Gomez officially announced on Instagram that her first ever full-length Spanish album will drop on March 12. The announcement comes just days after Selena who is of Mexican descent released a Spanish language single titled, “De...
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Selena Gomez Says She’s Proud of Heritage with Release of New Spanish Song

Virginia Isaad
Selena Gomez is named after the iconic Selena Quintanilla and now she’s following in her footsteps with not only a new Spanish-language single but a potentially Spanish-language album. Gomez just released her “De Una Vez”, a song about overcoming heartbreak,...