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This $19 Lipstick Is Reuniting Migrant Families Separated At The Border

We’ve all been deeply affected by the migrant families who have been separated at the border. Over 2,300 children have been separated from their parents as a result of the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance border. On Wednesday, Trump signed an executive...
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Hundreds Protest on Father’s Day Against Immigrant Families Being Separated at The Border

Johanna Ferreira
A new tragic border patrol story circulates every day, ever since the Trump administration launched their cruel zero-tolerance policy for crossing the border illegally. Many have weighed in including politicians—even Melania Trump—and most agree that separating thousands of families at...
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The Parents of 545 Children Separated at the Border Are Missing

Virginia Isaad
The Trump administration began separating families in 2017, and now lawyers appointed to find migrant families who were separated at the border say they can’t find the parents of 545 children, according to a filing from the American Civil Liberties...
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Reports Show Separated Children at the Border Have PTSD and Severe Trauma

Araceli Cruz
An investigation on the treatment of migrant children separated at the border concluded they have experienced severe trauma and show symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The results are what many suspected would happen after the government began separating children...
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7 Real Ways To Help In The Effort To Reunite Immigrant Families

Immigrant families in the U.S. have always suffered in numerous ways. The simple act of having to flee your home and homeland, of starting over in a new country where you might not even speak the common language, is hard...

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