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Sofia Vergara to Portray Colombian Drug Queenpin Griselda Blanco in Limited Series

Virginia Isaad
Griselda Blanco was known by many monikers including the “Cocaine Godmother” and her notoriety has Hollywood calling including a film adaption starring Jennifer Lopez. Now it’s been announced that fellow Colombiana Sofia Vergara is set to star in a Netflix...
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Netflix Cancels ‘Gentefied’ After Two Seasons

Sofía Aguilar
We know we weren’t the only ones hoping for a third season of Netflix’s Gentefied. Executive produced by Honduran-American actress America Ferrera, the Latinx dramedy has given voice to the unique Mexican-American experience in heavily Latinx neighborhood in Los Angeles,...
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Nine Latinx Podcast Episodes About Identity You Need to Listen to

Nicole Young
With the start of Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month comes the inevitable conversations about our identities and culture. Going through social media can sometimes feel overwhelming but thankfully there are whole podcasts episodes dedicated to these topics. Longtime Latinx podcast favorites like...
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10 Films Directed by Latinas You Need to Watch

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
It still absolutely boggles our minds that Latinos make up such a significant percentage of the U.S. population, yet we continue to be so grossly under-represented in the world of television and movies.  Latinx actors are routinely looked over even...