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Zoe Saldana Opens Up on The Importance of Latinx Representation

Johanna Ferreira
With everything that’s been happening in this country regarding cruel and immoral immigration policies and a lack of tolerance towards marginalized groups including Latinos, Zoe Saldana is making it her duty to put more content out there in mainstream media...
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Zoe Saldana on How Being Afro-Latina Hindered Her From Landing Lead Roles

Johanna Ferreira
Zoe Saldana has been opening up a lot these days about some of the BS she’s experienced in the film industry. Earlier this month, she got real about the sexism she endured shooting her first major film as pirate Anamaria...
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Zoe Saldana Stars In Powerful New Sia Music Video About HIV

Araceli Cruz
Sia’s music videos are always something worth stopping for. They’re visually poetic and extremely enlightening. The new music video starring Zoe Saldana is no different. The actress appears in “Free Me” — an artsy dance video, accompanied by stunning choreography...
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‘Gordita Chronicles’ Series is Telling Authentic Immigrant Stories

Virginia Isaad
WARNING: SOME SPOILERS AHEAD Gordita Chronicles says so much in the title alone and while body positivity is foundational to the series, it’s also a spotlight on Dominican culture and the immigrant stories we don’t often see on television. Show...