A Guide to Maintaining Your Creative Side

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No matter how much I wish that Sunday Funday could last forever, it’s eventually going to be time to drag myself out of bed on Monday morning to get to the staff meeting on time. I’ll get to hear the guys chatting about who won the Sunday football game (or games?), which I guess I forgot to watch… again. And my recently pregnant coworker will undoubtedly be talking about which brand of stroller to buyfor the sixth week in a row. I look forward to starting the meeting so that the banter can end and I can pretend to be professional by brainstorming on the key upcoming projects for the week.

In a world of spreadsheets and strollers, it’s sometimes hard to escape the monotony of our cubicles. But creativity has a place in all our lives. Being creative helps fine-tune our problem-solving skills by training our brains to look at issues from multiple angles and consider various ways of removing roadblocks. If you focus on being creative, you may even start getting something out of those Monday morning staff meetings!

Creating something from nothing, especially after failing to do so on the first try, is an amazing confidence booster. And research even suggests that creative people tend to live longer. Here are three simple steps to letting go and getting your creative juices flowing, no matter what you have going on at work.

Find Your Passion

Perhaps you had a hobby you really enjoyed in high school, or maybe there’s that one dance form you’ve always wanted to learn. Whatever it is, find your passion. You don’t have to be good at it, and it’s okay to be a beginner.

If you don’t feel drawn to anything in particular, try browsing a local parks-and-recreation catalog for upcoming classes. If you have friends that are involved in classes, ask if you can join for a trial lesson.

Some great ways to start right at home are painting, drawing, and photography. All three are skills you can teach yourself, and involve little initial investment. Even if you try one and it isn’t your thing, you don’t have much to lose.

Get Into the Right Frame of Mind

Often, we return home from work frazzled and unable to think about anything other than what is going on at the office. But in order to effectively use our creative sides, we must be focused only on the task at hand. Think of this as an excuse to do your best to block out all of the football, stroller, and spreadsheet conversations you had to listen to during the day! This allows us to pour all of our emotions into our creative work and really use it as an outlet.

So how do you achieve this clear head? Meditation is one good way to go. There are many meditation apps out there. Download one and give it a try. Even beginners can follow the simple instructions given by various available apps, and you are sure to feel much more clear-headed after a good meditation session.

Another option is to get moving. Exercise wakes us up, pulls us out of any after-work funk we may be in, and gets our brains working. Whether you prefer running or yoga, a nice workout session may be just what you need to get into the mood to make something.

Set a Routine

Once you figure out what sorts of hobbies you’d like to pursue and how to clear your head for your creative time, set a daily routine and stick to it. In doing this, you ensure that you get a good dose of creativity every day, as you have set aside time for it.

After a while, you may find yourself needing more time to work on your art. If so, schedule it in! The more time you can give yourself to express your deepest self, the happier you will be.

Once you begin giving the creative part of yourself some much-needed attention, you may be astounded how much more free and alive you feel. Remember to keep up your creative routine and take full advantage of the benefits of a well-kept artistic side.




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