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2016 has been declared the Year of the Begonia by the National Garden Bureau (NGB) in the United States. They are the fifth most diverse plant species in the world with about 1,700 different species and are very easy to care for.

The French gardener Charles Plumier coined the term begonia all the way back in 1690, in honor of his colleague and friend, Michel Bégon. I guess that’s the secret to having a plant named after you—either become a gardening expert or make friends with some high profile gardeners!

Here are some of our favorite begonias that we think you should add to your yard.


Wax Begonia

Wax Begonias (semperflorens cultorum) are the most common type of begonia and they come in small and medium sizes. They grow to be between 8 and 12 inches tall. Their flowers and leaves are round and they’re constantly in bloom. They come in white or scarlet red, with deep green leaves. Varieties: Monza and Havana.

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