Adult Acne Solutions: The 5 Essential Beauty Products to Use on Accutane

If you’ve been following my liver-eating health experiment, you know that I will most likely be getting on the powerful acne drug Accutane within the next few weeks.

This means I’ll be taking away some stuff from my usual routine (alcohol and coffee), and adding some new stuff (poisonous doses of synthetic vitamin A and Aquaphor).

I’m not the first to take the journey, and I won’t be the last, but it’s clearly not one to take lightly. The internet is chock-full of Accutane users opining about the very best products to use while on the harsh medication. Based off feedback from other users who have documented their experiences with different products during their courses on the drug, I’ve come up with a list of five essential items to add to your skincare routine while taking Accutane. What follows is by no means a comprehensive list—just a roundup of the basics that the Accutane Masses seem to have reached consensus on.




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