30 Afro-Latina Celebs Known For Their Impeccable Style

Celia Cruz

Legendary Afro-Cubana Celia Cruz is the reigning Queen of Salsa, known for earning countless awards, breaking records, and becoming an international superstar. But she was just as known for her unique, bold style. This included an array of colorful, voluminous wigs, which were color-coordinated with ornate, ruffled, and sparkling gowns. The accessories were just as in-your-face with statement earrings and necklaces, as well as her iconic heel-less shoes. Celia’s fashion was instantly recognizable, impossible to be copied, and was part of her entire image as a singer and star. She’s a great reminder that when it comes to style, it’s not always about “less is more.” Sometimes it’s, go big or go home!

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