People’s Choice Finalist Alana De La Garza: Latina Star of “Forever”

ABC launched Forever last fall to an audience of over 8.5 million and rave reviews. Alana De La Garza stars as a detective with an unusual partner: an immortal autopsy doctor. Alana has been one of the driving promotional voices, appearing as a panelist at this past New York Comic Con and granting exclusive interviews to OK! TV and MSN. Speaking about her character visibly excites her. She loves playing a strong woman who is tough and determined but still flawed. Her enjoyment of her role resulted in a moving performance, and Forever was a People’s Choice Award finalist for Best New Drama.

Alana De La Garza’s Beginnings

Born in 1976 to a Mexican-American father and Irish-American mother, Alana de la Garza’s hometown is El Paso, Texas. She grew up being able to pop over to Mexico for lunch. Her family fostered special needs children, inspiring her to study special needs kindergarten education. Then she switched majors twice, first to physical therapy and later to social work. Eventually she discovered her real passion in acting. Even though her initial career aspirations didn’t stick, she works to raise awareness for children disabled with muscular dystrophy.

Guest appearances on shows as varied as All My Children, Las Vegas, Smallville, and Charmed made Alana a recognizable face on television dramas. She became known for her roles in the long-running CSI: Miami and Law & Order. After receiving critical acclaim for her Law & Order character Connie Rubirosa (including an ALMA nomination and an Impact Award from the National Hispanic Media Coalition) the role became so popular that she was invited to reprise it in the spin-off series Law & Order: LA and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

ABC’s Forever

Forever is the first role in which Alana totes a gun. She plays Jo Martinez, a grounded homicide detective. Jo’s new partner is Henry Morgan, an eccentric autopsy doctor with Sherlock-esque observation skills. Unknown to Jo, Henry was born in the early 1800s—he is afflicted with immortality. If he dies for a moment, his body vanishes and reappears in the nearest river, alive and healthy. The duo develops a close friendship as they unravel bizarre cases, but Jo is smart enough to know her partner is keeping secrets.

Social Media Savvy

Alana fills her Instagram with behind-the-scenes pics and shots of her family. She married her long-time friend Michael Write in 2008. The couple now lives in Los Angeles with their two children. On twitter, she frequently holds #AskAlana sessions where she answers questions ranging from what book she recommends (By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept By Paulo Coelho) to what scares her (“Missing the good stuff in life”).

Forever airs every Friday at 9/8c on ABC. Watch previous sample episodes (including Alana’s favorite “Diamonds are Forever”) on ABC, or get the full season on Amazon Prime.




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