Dressing J.Lo: Q&A With Latino Designers Alejandro Fajardo and Giannina Azar

When Jennifer Lopez performed at the DIRECT TV NOW Super Saturday Night Concert on February 3, she made the dreams of two Latino designers come true. In addition to wearing Nicolas Jebran and Bao Tranchi, the star donned Giannina Azar and Alejandro Farjardo designs.

Dominican-Lebanese Azar created a royal blue, fringed bodysuit Lopez wore, gleaming with over 30,000 Swarovski crystals. Equally impressive was the gold, fringed bodysuit with over 20,000 Swarvoski sparklers that Venezuelan Farjardo designed. Recently, we spoke with both designers on their designs, how it felt to dress J.Lo, and what’s next in their fashion futures.

Alejandro Fajardo

How would you describe your aesthetic as a designer?

My aesthetic as a designer is a fusion from my beginnings until now, and my designs have been evolving for 20 years. I loved the baroque at first, then went to a very futuristic aesthetic. Now I define my aesthetic as minimalistic with futuristic touches.

How does being Latino influence your work? Are there any other Latino designers, models, etc. that inspire you and your designs?

Since I started designing, my inspiration has always been designers who have a worldwide influence. I loved Balenciaga and Valentino, and currently am obsessed with Balmain.

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for DirecTV

How was it dressing Jennifer Lopez? Are there any other celebs you’d like to see in your designs?

It was an experience and opportunity I’ll never forget, and a dream come true! I would love to see Beyoncé or Lady Gaga wearing one of my designs.

What do you want your brand to represent for Latinas and women everywhere?

I want my brand to represent beauty inside and out for all women wearing my designs.

What’s next for your brand?

As I’m known for being a haute-couture designer, next I would like to get involved with a ready-to-wear line that can be available to everyone.




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