An Alternative View of Success: HBO Latino’s New Show El Negocio

HBO Latino O Negocio Hip latina - El NegocioMy career has put me around some pretty amazing women, including Jennifer Lopez (I was her Latin publicist for her film releases), Padma Lakshmi (as executive director, I ran her non-profit), and Mariah Carey (I worked for Sony Music for 10 years). These women are all famous and rich—and guess what else? Just like you and me, they’re driven, disciplined, and uniquely talented. They’ve each taken their skill set to the limit, amplifying their strong suits and focusing hard on fulfilling their goals.

While most people never achieve that kind of commercial success, many of us are living out our own dreams being educators, small business owners, stay at home moms and medical professionals Many of us Latinas have been gifted with a combination of being raised by immigrants who gave us a strong work ethic and an American perspective that anything is possible. We’ve been allowed to dream, take risks and explore the possibilities. Over the years we’ve become so brave, tenacious and confident. Female empowerment baby…that’s what I’m talking about!

The other day I got to see a sneak peek of the second season premiere of El Negocio on HBO Latino. The main characters were strutting their stuff (in a way only Latinas do), doing what it takes to build their business and fiercely defending their passions. I felt like I was watching Sex In the City again, but with novela humor, in Spanish, and with a Latino perspective.El Negocio

For me three reoccurring themes showed up in the storyline:

  1. These women are driven, smart and risk-takers. They’re going after what they want despite the obstacles and odds against them
  2. They’re sensitive and caring, but fiercely stand their ground when it comes to defending what is their
  3. They own their elegance and beauty so when they enter a room we see their essence shine through; women of power with confidence and conviction.

Underneath the witty and comedic dialogue is a layer of secrets and in that mystery we become enchanted with Karin, Luna, Magali and the storyline. They help us realize we’re not alone in our desire to find success while being happy, beautiful, sexy, and influential. They confront fear straight-on; something we all need to do more often as it’s just an emotion preventing some of us from pursuing our dreams. So whether you need that certain colored lipstick or heels to make you feel powerful, or to go through a private routine to psych yourself up before a presentation, I encourage you all to enjoy the journey and when you want something, go get it!





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