An October Cocktail: Spicy Margarita with Playlist

HipLatina Cocktail Playlist

HipLatina Cocktail Playlist

I walked into a bar and asked the bartender to make me the most unique drink he could think of, since our theme this month is innovation—the man did not disappoint. On the spot, he came up with a drink that I think will interest many of our readers—a jalapeño margarita. It was sweet, spicy—and honestly just damn good. I suppose as a mixologist, Monty’s job is to come up with cool and creative drinks, but I was impressed that he created this glorious little cocktail in under two minutes.

Don’t fret, dear readers. I did not leave the bar without the recipe, and photos of this creation.

Avión Tequila

Triple Sec

Patron Orange Liqueur

Sweet/Sour Lemon Lime Juice

Jalapeños (with the seeds, if you really want the kick)

Fresno Peppers

Dried Chili Pepper for garnish

Directions: To be honest, since this was made on the spot I doubt the measurements were exact, but there are three liquors in this—so don’t pour too heavy on each. The one pro tip, once you’ve put this all into your shaker, you have to shake it all up until you can’t shake it anymore.

So, why not have a cocktail party or happy hour, and impress your friends with this cool new creation? And while you’re at it, here’s a playlist of a few bands you may not be familiar with: 

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