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Ana Navarro Successfully Shows How to Boycott the NRA


If you’re not boycotting the National Rifle Association in some way shape or form — you’re clearly not affected by mass shootings.The determination to inform the NRA that we’ve had enough is powerful, but not just voicing your anger towards them, but to also affectively pull out any money associated with them. It’s a strategy that has always held ammunition (excuse the pun) but has gained strength since the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Thanks to the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, who tragically lost 17 friends, the fight against the NRA grows stronger everyday. They’ve put huge corporations on blast, begging them to turn their money away from the NRA and it’s worked. Several high-profile companies have cut ties with the NRA or narrowed their gun accessibility to their customers.

Ana Navarro, one of the most vocal Republican political commentators on television, is joining the fight. On Twitter, Ana tweeted exactly how she’s supporting those corporations that are turning away from the NRA.

“Gonna be busy,” Ana tweeted. “I’m gonna fly somewhere on @Delta. Return on @United. While I’m there, I need to rent a @Hertz car. And must buy something at @Dicks. Then, I gotta go to @Walmart and buy packing materials to ship myself whatever I bought at Dicks, but only via @UPS. #BoycottNRA

She later tweeted: “Retailers leading, and showing a moral compass, when politicians do not. Thank you, @DICKS @Walmart @kroger @LLBean @REI.”

The boycott against the NRA is definitely working.

Founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Shannon Watts, told The New York Times that boycotting the NRA is a strength in numbers kind of movement and that more companies will certainly jump on in.

“The more the merrier — it’s been a cumulative effort of different groups within the same space, all putting pressure on the N.R.A.,” Watts told The Times. “What this has shown is that it doesn’t have to be any one specific group or person — it’s more about the overall noise than any single hashtag.”


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