Angélica Celaya: Rising Latino Actress in Supernatural TV Hit Constantine

Angélica Celaya

Rising Latino Actress in Supernatural TV Hit Constantine

Angélica Celaya is pouring her energy into the freshest supernatural show around: NBC’s Constantine. And she’s a star. This isn’t just a main cast role, but the female lead. Quickly spawning a group of active and devoted fans, Constantine is amongst the finalists for People’s Choice Awards for Best New Drama. Angélica has been a New York Comic Con panelist, appeared at this past Macy’s Day Parade, and matched wits with Craig Ferguson on the The Late Late Show, all for promoting her new role.

A dual Mexican-American citizen, she was born in Arizona to a Mexican-American mother and a Mexican-migrant father. When she turned 16, she was awarded a scholarship by the University of Arizona to start her college degree. She took classes at night while still in high school—and not to study acting. Her coursework focused on psychology! Later, she was awarded a second scholarship, this time to Mexico’s renowned Argos Acting Studio. Her academic skills do not end there—she is also fluent in Spanish, English, and Italian. Beyond the classroom, Celaya considers herself a Christian and a ‘compassionate vegan.’

Angélica has a 12-years-long career in Spanish-speaking television such as the mystery Los Plateados and the crime show/romance El Señor de los Cielos. The latter role earned her a Premios Tu Mundo nomination as best supporting actress. She met Rafael Amaya, a Mexican a producer and actor, on the set of the historical Alguien Te Mira; the couple announced their engagement this year. She made her Hollywood debut on the seventh season of the spy thriller Burn Notice while continuing her work on American Spanish telenovelas. Her new role on NBC lifts her career to another level.

Constantine is an adaption of the genre-changing DC comic “Hellblazer.” The male lead is John Constantine, a street magician and con artist. Angélica plays the female lead Zed Martin, an artist with psychic senses attuned to her environment. Tenacious and resourceful, Zed is a full equal to the male lead in ability and possibly surpasses him in competence. Her grit is combined with sensitivity and empathy to be a foil to the antihero John Constantine.

Angélica charms fans with her constant interaction through Instagram and Twitter. Not only does she answer questions and share behind-the-scenes tidbits, but she makes a point of personally encouraging fans. In return, her fans devote time and energy to elaborate fan art of her character. She truly enjoys the gifts and often publicly shares the art.

Constantine airs Fridays 8/7c and returned from a midseason break on January 16. Watch previously aired sample episodes on NBC’s official site. The full half season is available at Amazon Prime.

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