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Anti-Aging Skin Tips From the East

There are some traditional beauty secrets from the East that we all should know about. Using natural ingredients you may have in your house, you can take your skin to a whole new level.

Anti Aging Skin Tips - Hip Latina
Skin Tips From the East

Get a Rice Water Glow

Rice is a rich source of Inositol, otherwise known as vitamin B8, which stimulates blood flow and promotes cell growth. Its moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties make your skin smooth and soft. Want to tighten your pores? Look no further than rice water. What’s more, it also absorbs UV rays before they can penetrate your skin, so you can say goodbye to age spots and hyper-pigmentation.

The next time you’re preparing rice, don’t pour the rice water down the sink. Save the water, soak a cotton pad in it and apply it on your skin. You can use water from both brown and white rice. If you feel like the rice is not clean, save water after the second wash.

Turmeric for Skin Care

Turmeric is a popular cooking ingredient in India. It is also a common home remedy for burns, acne scars, dark spots, and blackheads. You’re sure to find turmeric powder (yellow in color, mild in favor) at any Indian grocery store or large supermarket. What we’re interested in is combining turmeric powder with essential oils to rejuvenate your skin. The ingredients you need for the face mask are:

  • One tablespoon ground turmeric
  • Half a cup garbanzo flour
  • Five to seven drops essential oil (choose one you love)
  • A few teaspoons of filtered water

Mix all the ingredients to create a smooth mixture. Apply it to your face, taking care to avoid your eyes. Turmeric will leave behind a stubborn stain, so make sure you don’t get the mixture on your clothes. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes until it dries off. Wash it off with cold water.

It is a tradition among Indian brides to smear turmeric paste on their face, neck, and hands a day or 2 before their wedding ceremonies to make the skin glow during the celebration. If you have hyper-pigmentation or uneven skin tone, incorporate turmeric masks into your weekly skin regimen and experience the difference.

Coconut Cure

What do Gisele Bundchen, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Miranda Kerr have in common? They all swear by the health and beauty benefits of coconut oil. It is an amazing skin smoother thanks to its saturated fat content, which helps the skin retain moisture and prevents sagging. Besides topical usage, virgin coconut oil when ingested in controlled amounts can assist with weight loss. For more information, check out Dr. Oz’s Coconut Oil Super Powers.

Feng Shui Your Way to Younger Looking Skin

According to Feng Shui principles, red, orange and maroon are anti-aging colors that give your skin a healthy glow and make it look active. Wear or surround yourself with these colors for a calming influence on your skin.

Try these tips starting today, and be sure to review our  “Four Secrets to Beautiful Skin.” Your skin will thank you!


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