Arabel Alva Rosales Latina CEO Profile

In 1999, Arabel Alva Rosales founded AAR and Associates, an innovative technology firm that helps organizations increase their efficiency and stay up to date on all the latest hardware and infrastructure needed to run successfully. In addition to all her myriad duties as President and CEO of AAR and Associates, Ms. Rosales is Co-Founder of Latino Fashion Week. The Chicago Magazine has named her a “Renaissance Woman” for her unique ability to handle finance and business matters along with art and a keen fashion sense.

Arabel is a well-respected Hispanic businesswoman whose Mexican parents instilled in her the importance of being bilingual and bicultural—a big part of which is having a strong work ethic. This solid foundation in the U.S.-Latino community helped lead her toward success.

Arabel is a noteworthy expert on issues affecting women in the Latino community. She has been the recipient of over 30 national and local awards for civic and business contributions, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Women’s Business Development Center. She has also appeared on CNN, 60 Minutes, and U.S.A. Today.

Latino Fashion Week

As well as writing feature fashion articles for local newspapers for Latino Fashion Week, Arabel has recently become a co-founder and instructor for Public Speaking and Self-Esteem at Star Modeling, a subsidiary of Latino Fashion Week. This school has the purpose of creating models for the fashion industry and teaching them the tools to succeed in life.

The ninth year of Latino Fashion Week was held in 2015 in Miami on February 5 and will be in Dallas May 7 and in Chicago September 30 through October 3. This is the only Fashion Week in the United States that showcases the talents of local, national and international Latino designers and is the primary resource for those in the Latino fashion industry. The tour’s creations are visually attractive and spiritually stimulating.




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