11 Artists to Watch From The Viva La Muxer Festival

Viva La Muxer is an incredible Los Angeles based festival that brings together culture, art, music, food and community — basically all of the best things! Even better than the actual event is the cause that it supports; the Las Photos Project, which is a community-based nonprofit organization that mentors teenage girls through photography and self-expression. They mentor hundreds of girls every year across Los Angeles helping them build leadership, advocacy skills, as well as strengthen their social and emotional well-being. My favorite portion of the festival is the art, of course! Viva La Muxer provides an amazing platform for local artists and photographers. There were so many incredible pieces but here are 11 of my personal favorites from the Boss Lady themed show.

Adriana Serrato

Giving us Creation of Adam vibez with her “Creation de una Chingona.” But here we’re reminded that women create life, they empower other women, and that behind every chingona is another chingona.




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