Arturo Castro’s Alternatino Will Make You Laugh, Trust Us

Remember Arturo Castro? That energetic guy who moved from Guatemala a decade ago to live his dreams as an actor in New York City while also learning how to speak bafflingly accentless English. Him.

We ran an interview with Arturo (go ahead and read part one and part two if you haven’t already) a few months ago in which he talked about the unintentional comic inspiration Walter Mercado and how #blessed he felt to be a part of hit show Broad City and the upcoming Ang Lee film Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.

He also discussed the development of an exciting new creative project, Alternatino, that rearranges some Latino experiences and stereotypes into something fresh and funny. “I just want to take what’s good about what we grew up with and put it on the main stage and see what happens,” Arturo said.

At the time, we couldn’t divulge the network that Alternatino would be airing on, but now the cat—and the Telemundo app, the ominous and powerful abuela, and the celebrated fiery voiceover star—are all out of the bag. The show premiered October 5th on Comedy Central; you can watch the three released sketches on their website, or you can enhance your viewing experience by watching them on YouTube and then reading the comments (recommended).

Short on time? That’s okay! I’ve provided links to the sketches below and curated a couple comments about each.

Telemundo App

YouTube comments:

“I like this cause my names Arturo and i also still have an Iphone 4”

Arturo Adams

“Lol at the names Graciela Caderotas (Caderotas means big hips),  Maria Tocabajo (Tocabajo is a play on words, roughly means ‘touches down there’).”


Respect Your Mother

YouTube comments:

“I must be watching a mirror honestly”

Felipe Mares

“Being a vegan atheist I feel you pain bro!!!!”

Marvin Geovani Clavel

Perfecting the Automated Voiceover

(P.S. I see you in the dance party, Carolina Ravassa!)

YouTube comments:

“hey it’s that soft spoken guy from broad city”

Jv Jones

“I’m Hispanic and this just gave me a ‘NRB’ too.”

Graphic .J

Not sure what a NRB is? Wondering what the Iphone 4 or being a vegan atheist has to do with anything? Check out the videos and see for yourself. You can get back with your own comments below.




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